5 Tips for Capturing Breathtaking Woodland Photography

Winford Hunter

Capturing illustrations or photos in the woods can be a satisfying expertise, and I have fond memories of wandering through the forest with my camera in hand. Nonetheless, obtaining a superior composition can be a problem and often nerve-racking.

When I very first started off photographing in the woods, I discovered it to be like a chaotic puzzle with no remedy. But around time, I designed a handful of techniques, both technical and psychological, that have helped me. In this post, I will share these 5 procedures with you in hopes that they will aid you on your photography journey.


Just one uncomplicated way to seize the magnificence of trees and forest scenes is through isolation. By separating personal trees from the surrounding muddle, you can produce visually beautiful photos. You can obtain this by discovering a solitary tree that stands out from the other people, perhaps on a hill or in a field.

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Alternatively, you can just take edge of all-natural ailments that support isolation, this kind of as fog, which adds depth to the woods and simplifies the scene. Small immediate gentle can also assistance you isolate a matter by highlighting a single tree or branch, even though the relaxation of the forest fades into shadow.

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A telephoto lens can also be utilized to focus on a one tree or branch, emphasizing simple shapes and strains that are satisfying to the eye.


Making use of framing components is the 2nd tip that can boost your forest images. In my expertise, this strategy worked miracles when I captured the stunning Fanal Forest in Madeira. The thought is to choose a clean track record tree or a group of trees and use a foreground tree or branch to frame the background.

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A large-angle lens works ideal for this technique, and you really should get close to the foreground tree whilst making sure that there are no intersecting traces in the background. It is crucial to preserve the composition neat and totally free of any distractions all around the edges of the body. The framing features ought to pull the viewer into the scene instead than distract them from it.

Constructing Compositions

Never just get a quick snap of a tree and transfer on to the following place. Consider some more time to appear about and see if you can boost your composition or adjust your tactic to the image. Acquire a seem at these two images, for case in point. Both of those function the correct identical trees, but in the second picture, I bought near to the opening of the remaining tree to create a framing factor.

michael shainblum photo

michael shainblum photo

Now, both of those visuals have their personal distinctive tale to explain to, and I like them for unique good reasons. It is awesome how a modest adjustment can wholly improve the narrative of a image. Creating your compositions usually takes time, so get a shot and overview it on playback to see how you can greatly enhance the photograph by adding or removing features.


Woodland images requires complete scouting. Individually, I visited the Fanal forest 4 various occasions, spending hours and hrs checking out. I leveraged Google Maps to pinpoint and mark unique trees that I may want to photograph, and I took reference photos on my cellphone.

michael shainblum photo

This strategy was a must have to me and a person of the factors I was able to seize great photographs. Even though the disorders had been great at sunrise, the scene was also chaotic. With no prior scouting, I am not absolutely sure if I would have been capable to capture substantially.

Loosen up!

Pictures is intended to be a worry-relieving activity, not just one that adds to your stress. When I was in this grove, the swiftly transforming conditions and fog begun to overwhelm me. I would hurry to a hill to capture the fog, and by the time I established up, it would be gone. The identical factor would transpire again when I ran to yet another locale exactly where I noticed the fog forming. This cat-and-mouse recreation was fairly demanding, and it hindered my creative imagination. It wasn’t till I took a deep breath, calm, and embraced the distinct circumstances that I begun to have exciting here. I could sit down, respect the landscapes, and make extra calculated decisions on how to seize it.

michael shainblum photo

Additionally, by ready patiently and relaxing, the fog returned to the spot I was in, and I was equipped to photograph it. At the close of the day, landscape images should be satisfying, regardless of whether or not you close up with a picture or not. I hope these recommendations will enable you not only with your composition but also with your way of thinking when it will come to woodland pictures. Just like anything at all else, taking wonderful pictures involves follow and tolerance. So get out there, experiment, and recall to have entertaining!

About the Creator: Michael Shainblum is a photographer, filmmaker, and educator dependent in San Francisco, California. He has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker for 17 yrs considering the fact that the age of 16. He has been commissioned by consumers these kinds of as Disney, Nike, Samsung, Apple, and Google. He also shares his expertise by way of his Youtube Channel, Instagram, and workshops. This story was also published listed here.

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