Can AI Win a Photography Competition? Take the Turing Test

Winford Hunter
AI weather
AI graphic, still left, real award-profitable image, proper.

The Royal Meteorological Culture, which operates the Climate Photographer of the Year competitiveness, has posed an intriguing dilemma: Can synthetic intelligence (AI) gain a pictures levels of competition?

To response this, the Modern society drew up a Turing check in which the viewer is invited to guess which is an AI image and which is an real award-profitable picture.

The Turing examination, made by Alan Turing in 1950, is a examination of a machine’s skill to show smart behavior indistinguishable from a human.

Five of the under photographs are true pics that ended up shortlisted finalists in the 2021 Climate Photographer of the Yr levels of competition. The other 11 are generated from both DALL-E, Midjourney, or Steady Diffusion. The responses are at the bottom of the write-up.

Image grid

Recreating Shots With AI

The Royal Meteorological Modern society attempted to recreate winning photos from its weather conditions pictures opposition with AI. It took three winners from the 2021 levels of competition and tried to artificially duplicate it utilizing the 3 foremost AI impression turbines.


The over photographs show the AI making an attempt to recreate 2021’s all round winner, a image of a foggy autumn morning in northern Italy taken from a hilltop church.

“The prompt mentions only that a church is concerned rather than explicitly defining it as the viewpoint, and that ambiguity potential customers Midjourney and Steady Diffusion to deliver pictures of an Italian-type rural church surrounded by early morning mist. DALLE-2 makes an picture much closer to the winner, capturing a foggy valley (albeit made up of a church tower) lit by a reduced elevation morning sunshine,” writes the Culture.

Prompts refer to textual content prepared by human operators that advise the AI what photo to produce.

“These outcomes emphasize the importance of utilizing the ideal prompt and right theme with the right AI artist, and exhibit that this variety of direct comparison is almost certainly not a fair level of competition,” provides the Society.

To get the AI to deliver level of competition-deserving photos that could fool men and women into believing they are authentic photographs, the Society tweaked the prompts to consist of phrases like “award-successful,” “4K,” and describing actual areas and gatherings.

Divided into four themes, viewers are in a position to get an strategy of how the diverse AI image generators perform. The Culture describes DALL-E as “excellent at capturing physics and structural functions,” Midjourney as “the most creative with the prompts and has possibly the very best lights,” and Secure Diffusion as excelling at “composition.”


The Modern society concludes: “There is even now a fair degree of human creativity expected – in dreaming up the text prompts, in refining them to make the created pictures a lot more ideal, and in choosing the ideal visuals from individuals created to just take ahead.

“Many generated photos however comprise artifacts that immediately give them away as fakes – and they are however considerably improved at creating creative stylizations than photorealistic photographs. But, these gaps are decreasing with every single new hardware and computer software improvement.”

Turing Check Success

As for the Turing take a look at, the photos are smaller and very low-resolution creating them difficult to discern, but the 5 authentic images are (b), (d), (i), (l), and (n). An anagram of the earth blind.

Impression credits: All images courtesy of the Royal Meteorological Culture.

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