Coronado School of the Arts: Musical Theatre and Drama

Winford Hunter

There is no lack of talent or skill in Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) Musical Theatre and Drama conservatory at Coronado High School. These young performers meet every day of the school week where large group of teachers train them. Students get to learn from vocal teacher David McBean; and their dance teachers include: Chelsea Zeffiro, Gina Sorensen, Karina Johnson, Liliana Rodriguez, and Lauren Pym. Finally, their directors and acting teachers are Kimberly Strassburger, Levi Kaplan, and Barbara Wolf. Kaplan recently directed the winter play, “Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead.” Students also take supplemental classes such as theatre history and script analysis. Teachers give students information on how to live in the real world with a theatre degree, which allows students to be set up for success when they graduate. 

This conservatory’s students are never not performing. Either in the classroom or school productions, students always have a chance to show their star power. Some CoSA students do shows outside of the conservatory, either in the summer or even during the school year. It is very commendable for these students to be simultaneously performing in CoSA and out. Isabella Pruter, CoSA junior, says, “Although doing a show outside of CoSA during the school year can be really challenging to juggle with the amount of school and CoSA work, that should not discourage you from performing in them. It is a great experience and makes you feel accomplished.” Pruter performed last summer in the San Diego Musical Theatre’s production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

CoSA actors are currently in rehearsals for their spring musical “Footloose.” The conservatory is also working on their musical theatre review showcase to show off their hard work during the past six months, and getting ready for the CoSA Gala in March. 

CoSA actors dancing in the 2022 fall musical “Crybaby.”

Students train in a way that helps them become well rounded performers and professionals. “CoSA trains me as a performer by constantly working on every part of my acting, singing, and dancing. Both the small things and big things are constantly worked on every day and keep me in check when I think what I’m doing is the best it can be (it never is),” says Randy Castillo, CoSA junior.

Actors in “Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead!”

Student actors have made many memories in this conservatory. From the music of Mamma Mia! to the hilarity of Crybaby to the choreography style of Chicago. Evi Anderson says her favorite performance for CoSA was “definitely Chicago. I love the music by Kander and Ebb and the choreographic style of Fosse.” There is a range in performances which gives each student a place to shine.

A performance of “Crybaby.”

Why join CoSA Musical Theatre and Drama?

Anyone who has a love of or interest in performing should join this conservatory. It’ll train you for a future college education or career in theatre. You will learn about new material that you might not have had the chance to otherwise. “Students should join CoSA MTD because it is a place where you can really be challenged and improve every aspect of the triple threat every day,” says Randy Castillo. The conservatory is truly a great place to learn and grow as a performer, or even begin performing. Isabella Pruter seconds this when she says, “A lot of my friends who have had little to no experience want to do this for the rest of their life. There is a place for any middle schooler or high schooler who wants to transfer in.”

CoSA has a welcoming atmosphere with performers and teachers that will be there for you throughout your high school career and beyond. Above all, students say the CoSA community is truly amazing. When asked about her favorite part of CoSA, Pruter says, “I learn a lot from watching my friends perform and they inspire me every day with their talents. They keep me in check and I love core memories I have made with them.”

In summary, the conservatory is a great place for aspiring artists to get exposure and experience with their peers, and is a wonderful arts education that is a great stepping stone. 

Find CoSA info, upcoming shows, tickets and more here.

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