More People Need to Watch the Most Disturbing Sci-Fi Movie on Netflix

Winford Hunter

You should look at The Platform, a 2019 Spanish horror science fiction film on Netflix. I watched it, and it is really fantastic. But I’ll include that I will under no circumstances observe it once again. At any time. 

It truly is a single of the most disturbing movies I’ve viewed in my complete lifetime. Just after seeing it, I considered about the film and its complicated indicating for days. The Platform is so gruesome and so unnerving I’m articles to permit the memory of it fade absent. I am happy it exists, but I really don’t at any time have to have to sit down and see it once again. Here’s why.

The System takes place in a futuristic jail — a vertical tower, with an open gap in the center of every cell. A system stacked with meals descends by means of the cells to feed the prisoners. This is the genius and horror of this movie.

The platform starts out laden with chef-developed delicacies of all kinds. But it only stops briefly at each mobile ground, where the two prisoners on that degree have a pretty limited time to chow down on whatever they can get. And they can not just shovel the food stuff into their cell to be eaten later on because they’re going to be killed if they try to hoard nearly anything.

So the prisoners on the top rated amount get untouched foods, and as the platform descends, it turns into a mess of 50 percent-chewed scraps and garbage. The major-level prisoners you should not treatment about the remaining meals at the time it leaves them, so they don’t trouble to maintain The System hygienic, if you know what I suggest and I believe you do.

Prisoners are randomly assigned to a different level in the jail, and their amount variations each individual month. If you’re in close proximity to the best, you have obtained a great probability of finding some quite un-mutilated grub. If you might be at the bottom, you might be in essence having spat out, mauled leftovers — if anything edible is even still left at all.

The metaphor of The System is evident.

“There are three forms of men and women,” a character intones. “All those at the best, all those at the bottom, and these who slide.”

Some persons, often through pure luck or likelihood, conclusion up at the major of the heap, eating on the greatest delicacies and dwelling a relatively straightforward lifetime. I assume of those people silver-spoon infants who it truly is stated ended up “born on 3rd foundation, and think they strike a triple.”

Some others get there at the bottom of modern society and, short of profitable the lottery, are very likely to die just before they transfer up. They are going to also generally do just about anything to advance.

And there is certainly another group — those people who commence out performing fine, having nicely, placed on a higher level wherever meals is abundant and unsullied. But then they tumble to a lower amount, the place the cakes and steaks they the moment enjoyed are only goals. (Some, of program, do shift bigger. But in The System, if you happen to be not at the incredibly, quite best, you happen to be really substantially screwed.)

It might seem simplistic. You should really just take advantage of the prospects to pull your self up, to teach your self, to feed on your own better. Yeah, in The System, none of that applies. You’re born — or put — in which you happen to be positioned. A random attract establishes if you go up or down, and how far in possibly course. It is not truthful, but when you are at the top, you choose what you want with no a imagined for the types accomplishing even worse.

As 1 character points out, if absolutely everyone in the prison only ate what they needed from The Platform, it would make its way down with plenty of foodstuff to feed all people. But greed and fear and the gnawing memory of starvation suggest that’s unlikely to occur.


Each individual day is a struggle for survival in The Platform.


You could possibly assume which is sufficient for a plot in alone. But The System is packed with countless surprises, most of which I won’t give away. Listed here are just a couple, and they’re not real spoilers since they acquire weird twists that you can’t even imagine reading them below:

  • You can find a bloodied woman who rides the platform down, seeking for her daughter, acknowledging that each degree she descends to includes two prisoners who are as most likely to consider to eliminate her as not.
  • Every single prisoner is permitted a person item to carry into the jail with them, and some of all those things are odd. (The lead character chooses a duplicate of Don Quixote.) Like Chekov’s gun, they are hardly ever unimportant.
  • Prisoners think there are 200 stages. Emphasis on “believe that.”
  • We really don’t know almost as considerably about the prisoners, the jail or truly nearly anything in this motion picture as we feel we do.

Now, I am a Gen Xer, lifted in the era of slasher motion pictures. I’ve found disturbing films. I have viewed Audition, Clockwork Orange and even Human Centipede. (I am so, so sorry about that previous a single.)

But The Platform is diverse. Its social commentary may possibly look noticeable: Be kind to all those beneath you, for the reason that you in no way know when you will be at the base yourself. But director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and screenwriters David Desola and Pedro Rivero acquire a seemingly straightforward concept and supply it in a earth-shaking way.

I don’t want to check out The Platform once again. But just about every so normally, I assume about it. The plot continue to crawls all-around my mind, and I am not confident I will ever be wholly free of it.

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