One Piece Film Red Movie: Ending Explained

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The A single Piece Movie: Crimson film is out now in US theaters and other countries, which indicates we finally get to see much more of the Purple Hair Pirates in motion and study a small little bit additional about Shank’s previous. Let’s split down the ending and how it fits in the long-functioning anime sequence.

Warning: entire spoilers for A person Piece Film: Purple ahead!



One Piece Film Pink Canon?

First off, is the motion picture canon? It is not, in accordance to an interview with producer Shinji Shimuzu. “They are individual stories,” he claims, which would make feeling mainly because none of the other Just one Piece motion pictures are entirely canon. As an alternative the movies may have minor bits of canonical references, these kinds of as Shiki the Golden Lion from the Potent Environment motion picture.

In Film: Red’s situation, we master a minor bit extra about Shank’s track record. For instance, towards the conclude of the remaining fight, Shanks is reminded of the time that he to start with achieved Uta. To the Purple Hair Pirates’ surprise, she was hidden together with the treasure they’d taken. At that minute, Shanks remembers hunting up at a young Gol. D Roger and Rayleigh and he mutters to himself, “Maybe this took place for a motive.” We knew that Shanks was a young crewmate with the Roger Pirates back in the day, but this appears to be to validate that he has been with the Roger Pirates considering the fact that he was an toddler.

Why is these types of a smaller be aware important? According to an interview with producer Shinji Shimuzu, Eiichiro Oda himself has participated the most in this movie than any other 1 Piece film as “executive producer, character designer, and script reviewer.” For these types of an essential and mysterious character like Shanks to be highlighted, it is not shocking to see an added amount of treatment with the film.

New and aged faces

This is most action we have witnessed from the Red Hair Pirates at any time! We see the acquainted Yasopp using his Observation Haki to connect with his son, Usopp. A several are actually proficient with guns, but we also see an electrified employees and one crewmate that appears to have the ability to blast projectiles from his mouth. As the important struggle finishes, the Navy threatens to just take Uta again and Shanks releases his Conqueror’s Haki which has the electric power to even get down some vice admirals. As predicted, from just one of the 4 Emperors!

The Red Hair Pirates

The Red Hair Pirates

Will we at any time see Uta all over again? We a lot more than very likely will not. As it pointed out in the film, Uta was working with wake-shrooms to remain awake extended ample to acquire folks into her desire planet where they can finally stay content for good when she dies from the after-consequences. She denied the medication from the Crimson Hair Pirates’ health care provider, Hongo, so she can sing all people again from her aspiration world. As we discovered in the film, everyone impacted by her singing wakes up once more right after she goes to sleep. Wanting intently at the final shot of the Purple Hair Pirates crew, they are all encompassing what appears to be like to be a casket with their Jolly Roger flag draped around it. It is pretty apparent that Uta has passed away.

Is there a publish-credits scene?

Finally, there is no key publish-credits scene in the One particular Piece Film Pink movie. There is a fast little bit of Luffy stating his common capture phrase atop the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny as he remembers Uta. Normally, the most fascinating tidbit at the conclusion of the film is the long credits as we see glimpses of the people the Straw Hats have fulfilled alongside their journey as they are experiencing what we believe to be Uta’s music. They even included tiny figures like Rika, the lady that gave Zoro food items when he debuted in the series, and Gaimon, the pirate trapped in a upper body who also looks to have discovered enjoy.

What did you think of the One Piece Movie Pink film? Let us know in the opinions underneath and remember to no manga spoilers for the anime-only watchers out there.

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