Alton Kung Fu school focuses on ‘beautiful art physically’

Winford Hunter

ALTON — Do you want to find out the design of Kung Fu you see in the videos? Then glimpse to the Milton Schoolhouse in Alton, in which the Iron Dragon Hung Kuen, a Southern Shaolin Kung Fu school, holds classes in this historic, disciplined and usually gorgeous martial art.

“The most important design we train is Hung Gar Kuen and that translates literally into ‘Hung clan fist’ or ‘Hung family members fist,’” explained Sifu Wayne Judge, Iron Dragon’s operator and teacher. “It’s Shaolin Kung Fu just like you see in the videos.”

Choose is a direct disciple of Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling, who has been in more than 80 motion pictures which include the well-acknowledged 2004 movie “Kung Fu Hustle,” and has starred in various videos with worldwide Kung Fu star Jackie Chan.

“The design and style we instruct is characterised by sturdy, very low stances and a vast majority of hand approaches,” Choose mentioned. “We imitate 5 animals, the tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon.

“We also observe a ton of weaponry,” he reported. “There are 18 weapons in the classical Chinese arsenal, and we do all of them.”

Iron Dragon college students also understand the traditional Chinese Lion Dance that is applied at weddings, business enterprise openings and other functions to push absent negative luck and usher in superior luck to the viewer. Iron Dragon has four of the dance lions that are utilized all through classes.

Judge claimed that traditional Kung Fu is a self-control, so Iron Dragon is not activity-oriented. It is a real martial artwork, he explained, so they don’t just educate the preventing they also educate the record linked to the design and style and its Buddhist philosophy.

“Our design is extremely fantastic for self protection and self-assurance,” Choose mentioned. “It’s a lovely artwork physically if you just look at it.”

Most Iron Dragon students are teenage or more mature due to the fact the fashion currently being taught is pretty physically demanding, but Choose tailors instruction for all age levels, together with children.

“Here in the Midwest I like to connect with it Tae Kwon Do nation that is what everybody is acquainted with,” Decide claimed. “I have a ton of men and women from that appear in, consider a class, and virtually invariably they are like, ‘This is difficult!’ It does need a ton of self-discipline but that can be taught and gained through practicing the fashion.”

Judge has been educating Southern Shaolin Kung Fu for 25 decades and has been practicing the martial artwork for considerably for a longer period than that. All those intrigued in having the a course can look at one in action or consider one particular out at no charge, and there are no contracts so folks are not “stuck” in one thing they choose isn’t for them. Just don’t hope to receive a belt in this Kung Fu school.

“Traditional Chinese types really do not really use a belt process. I search at that as a indication of vainness,” Choose explained. “Our class is divided into a kind of hierarchy, extra like a loved ones. You know what ability degree you’re at. I know what skill level you’re at. So who else needs to know?”

Iron Dragon is located in the Milton Schoolhouse at 1320 Milton Highway in Alton. Lessons are held there on Mondays at 7 p.m., Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. Judge also holds out of doors lessons at midday on Sundays in a St. Louis place, normally Forest Park. Check out the Iron Dragon Hung Gar Kuen Facebook web page for more facts. 


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